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2012-01-18 | 2:39 p.m.

i don't know why i am being so freaked out about graduation. i didn't expect this out of myself.

once upon a time i had my whole entire life figured out, and that is what terrified me.

now that i don't, i'm still terrified.

i applied to msu's MFA program today. if i get accepted, i'm more likely to get a lot of funding... to get it all paid for. plus, because it's low-residency, i have the option to live wherever the hell i want to. where i would live... that's a different question.

i guess if i stayed here, i'd be able to still be a student manager, and make $9 an hour. but i am kind of tired of it... i am a little tired of murray. i want to be elsewhere.

why am i even thinking this? it's too early. i need it to be march. well, not really, but i can't make any decisions until march.

so chill out, tia. chill the fuck out.

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