why am i so pathetic?
2012-01-21 | 12:45 p.m.

i know that i write in here a lot. and i know why: i can't talk to PEOPLE about these things, it doesn't make sense. i can't make it make any sense when i feel things. emotions are really hard for me. it's pathetic. so i am always writing in here like a little manic girl trying to make everything make some damn sense to me.

i have watched dr. horrible ten times in the past week. literally. i am so incredibly obsessive, but i need something to take my mind off of things. i always do this, i am so extreme sometimes.

getting up at five am every morning is really exhausting. i think i might drop comedy and satire, even though i think it's the most fun class in the world, because i just can't do it this semester. i don't know what's the matter with me. i have to start working on a thesis, i have advanced comp, i have notations, and i have a french class. and i work. and i don't want to fucking do anything.

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