You too tia! You too...
2012-01-22 | 2:32 p.m.

well, this weekend has certainly not been what i expected it to be.

on friday night, tyler (kayley's boyfriend, well, ex now) came down. we all stayed up having fun and trolling jordan grant.

well, the next day was fun for a while. matt and i invaded kayley's bed without realizing that she had very few clothes on. then we left them alone. and eventually they went out for lunch.

by the time they got back, matt, cat, and i were in my car because we were going south for some alcohol. we just said hello to them, asked kayley if she wanted anything, and then left. here's the bad part.

when we returned home, after seeing the eiffel tower in paris, tyler's car was gone. matthew's keys (which he left for tyler) were on the kitchen table.

matt called him and we found out that tyler had broken up with her because he wasn't in love with her. this relationship has been long distance and has lasted for six months, oh not to mention it's kayley's first real relationship.

we all went into panic planning mode. what were we going to do? how was kayley, who doesn't talk about her feelings, going to react when she got home from work? erin immediately came home.

here was our plan: we were going to move my memory foam bed into the living room so we could all sleep in a huge commune, and we went to wal-mart, bought funfetti cake mix, two kinds of chocolate, and more mixers for the alcohol--of which we planned to have a drink ready for her when she walked in the door at midnight.

when we rolled back into the driveway, kayley's car was home.


we grabbed all of our stuff and came inside. erin immediately went into kayley's room. when i walked in next, she was crying on the bed. i put my arm around her and she said, "you hugging me is making me cry more!"

we all decided that she has two entire weeks to use the heartbroken excuse for whatever she wants, and two weeks after that to continue being pathetic. then i asked her what she wanted to drink and we started getting drunk.

we watched season 2 of archer, and dr. horrible, and we sang all of the songs obnoxiously loud, we called molly to bring her a baked potato because she needed something to eat.

god i just want to say that i feel so horrible for her. she was really into tyler. she really was. and i just feel so bad.

amidst all of this jordan grant was still texting me and i was texting becca and it was all mostly hilarious. there were more drinks. everyone made kayley some kind of drink.

then we all moved to my room and laid on my bed. kayley cried some more and we decided that i'm tiannasaurus rex, matt is a mattattee, kayley is velocilott (duh), erin is a jackelope, and cat is... a cat. yeah, not much to do with that.

eventually molly left and things got a little bit more serious. we sat in the living room and discussed our sex lives for a very long time. like, three hours. which was hilarious, as well all talked about the funny and embarrassing things we've all gone through. we decided to wait up until three in the morning so that we could buy mcdonald's breakfast.

when matt and i returned with our food, kayley wanted to watch dr. horrible again. we turned it on, and within fifteen minutes both kayley and erin were asleep on the couch. cat, matt, and i watched the rest of it.

it ended, of course, and everyone woke up to go to bed. we decided that kayley should sleep in my bed with me, so while i was waiting for her to put her pajamas on, matt was talking to me.

he said that he told bryant that if he still wanted to have me as a friend, then he had better actually make an effort to talk to me sometimes.

which is mildly embarrassing but i think i'm glad he did it, because that's probably the reason that when i drunk texted him about dr. horrible that he actually answered me and told me that he had planned on texting me today (sunday), and that's probably why he texted me this morning about how horrible he felt.

this morning when kayley and i woke up, we yelled for matt to come into my bedroom and we three plus erin stayed in my bed for most of the morning. now we've been watching how i met your mother and sitting on the couch instead of being responsible and doing our homework.

you know, while i am depressed for kayley, this is kind of nice for me. i need someone to take care of sometimes, and it is my mission for the next two weeks to place all of my attention on whatever she needs. i love kayley so much and i hate to see her upset about all of this.

life is funny sometimes. we all talked about whose fault this was. erin was the one who had kayley and i both buy early valentine's day cards, but matt is the connection between mine and bryant's relationship as well as kayley and tyler's relationship.

anyway, despite the fact that this semester has honestly gotten off to a bad start, a rocky start... i am feeling good about it right now.

i think things are looking up, guys.

i mean, they always are. but i'm looking up now, too.

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