kayley and tornadoes
2012-01-23 | 5:32 a.m.

I was all tired and ready to fall asleep tonight when I heard a faint knock at my bedroom door. Kayley walked in and I could tell that she was crying. I offered to let her sleep in my bed again but she declined since my alarm will sound at five AM. She crawled in under the covers and cried more heavily.

I put my arm around her and rubbed her back and let her talk to me. I've told her over the past two days that if she needs anything, to let me know. I explained to her that while Tyler is a nice guy, he obviously is unable to deal with the sheer amount of awesome she possesses. In short, I tried my hardest to make her laugh, and to console her if she wanted to be sad.

Then the tornado sirens started going off. My roommates and I assembled in the tiny hallway between my bedroom, the laundry room, and the bathroom, cramped and close and making fun.

I love living in this house and sometimes I love every one of my roommates more than I ever expected to. I'll bet Kayley will be sleeping in here on the weekends for a while. And right when we retired to go back to bed, Kayley asked if she could take Hamster (my stuffed elephant) to sleep with her tonight. I gave him up gladly.

I just always want to help.

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