racquetball and such
2012-01-28 | 8:52 a.m.

i have actually been working out this semester and i just feel so good sometimes. i sleep a lot better. even though this morning i kept waking up because my body is so used to waking up at five, that it doesn't want me to even sleep until eight.

matt and i play racquetball almost every time we work out. usually i will go and run, and then probably do some kind of strength training, and then at the end, when the other roommates are kind of ready to go... we play racquetball.

yesterday it was just us, so we did strength training and decided to just do racquetball for a quick workout, then go home, because we both had to go to work.

we played racquetball for forty straight minutes, and we played hard.

god, i never knew this sport could be so much fun when you're playing with someone who doesn't make you feel horrible about yourself!

anyway i'm getting pretty serious about actually working to get better at it. i finally nailed the off-the-back-wall shot, and i'm working on my backhand.

this whole post is silly and is just to say that i've missed working out, and i know how much i actually really like to do it, so i don't know why i get so lazy and tired and decide it's not worth it, because it is.

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