i love everything right now.
2012-02-01 | 2:22 p.m.

my whole entire past two weeks have been turned around because of just one day.

bryant texted me today telling me he got the plugs and that they were, in fact, awesome. so great! i don't have to hate him. and then he continues on to tell me that he bought me a birthday present. this one i didn't expect! and even though it's probably out of guilt, i don't care! because let's be honest, i kind of deserve a birthday present from him... kind of.

the best part is just the fact that when i read that he bought me a present, all of that built up anger and tension, it just left. seriously. it's gone.

i'm ridiculously easy to please. (and also, as matt puts it, entirely too forgiving.)

also, bryant's tumblr has a text post that says, "Being sad: I hate it." interesting.

and we finally found out what kayley is doing for the surprise she has been teasing us over! she's going to make red velvet cake ice cream! AND we're celebrating mine AND cat's birthdays for the entirety of february!!!

what's that, tia? did you say there's MORE good news? oh, yes, you're right, i did!

i ran three miles today! three miles! ack! i am so incredibly proud of myself.

hot damn, my life is awesome. i forget that sometimes. but it really, truly is.

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