i wanna see andi
2012-02-03 | 12:22 p.m.

kayley is sleeping in my bed right now with my elephant curled up beside her.


brian (do you remember brian? from last semester? the other boy who wanted to date me and then remembered he is still in love with his ex?) texted me today to tell me he was in my town this weekend. once i told him i'm going back home to see my family, he stopped replying. life is funny. and some people just don't deserve to have your attention.


i am going to get tipsy on sunday with the rest of my family while they're watching the superbowl and i'm playing with our dog, andi. i haven't been so excited to go home in so long!


i keep telling myself i'm going to stop writing in here so frequently, that i'm going to attempt to really think out everything before i write it down... and i try it, and then i forget and just keep going and going again.

sometimes i can't stop myself from talking!

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