conversations on a drive home
2012-02-05 | 12:39 p.m.

on the way home, i had a nice conversation with matthew (who, interestingly, i never used to call matthew until i moved into this house, because he has always been "matt" to me). mostly the subject was me, and my faults, and my ridiculousness.

basically, at the risk of sounding relatively self absorbed, this is what we discussed:

-i am a very open person in a lot of ways. i am open to new people and new experiences.
-actually, i should probably say that i'm a very trusting person. if someone tells me something, i have no reason to not believe them.
-i am also ridiculously naive. i believe in people's good intentions.
-this, obviously, leads to me being hurt rather easily.
-i believe in commitment, even though it terrifies me.
-i somewhat think things through. for example, i won't enter a relationship with someone if i don't think it's going to last very long.
-even though i am amazingly easy to please, it is equally easy to disappoint/upset me, even if i don't show it.

i need to wise up, more than anything.

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