two people
2012-02-09 | 4:11 p.m.

i want to talk to you.

i want to talk to two different people, actually.

i shouldn't (either of them really) but i really want to.

when i was going to trivia on tuesday night (very fun, by the way, people i'd never met told me, "so you're Tia! we've heard so much about you being a part of the dream team!" and another boy saying, "she's our good luck charm!"), well, i decided to leave early and just drive around mky. i had half a mind to drive somewhere i shouldn't. to ask some questions. to get some answers.

i'm just crazy, i think. i make some bad choices sometimes.

(but really when i think about it, all of these situations, i honestly didn't do anything wrong. so what were my bad choices then?)

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