i'm a silly girl.
2012-02-23 | 5:08 p.m.

oh, la. so there is this boy in my french class. he is cute (to me, to everyone else [aka my roommates] he is "goofy looking"). i like his hands. he's also about 6'7", almost an entire foot and a half taller than me. and he speaks french. he speaks it well. he's funny. he used to be my french partner in the last class we had and now he is if we ever have partners, which is rarely.

nothing will ever come of this, but it is nice to have a distraction sometimes, i think.


honestly, though, i feel a lot more at peace when i don't have things of that nature to worry about. like now, for instance. i just have to worry about what choices i'll make for my life after graduation. :/

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