birthdays and emails
2012-02-26 | 1:19 p.m.

i'm a greedy, selfish girl, i think. sometimes i just want someone to talk to so badly that i'll talk to anyone who will listen.

last night we celebrated cat's birthday and i'm so glad that she actually decided to do something. we made ice cream and cake, watched the russians are coming! the russians are coming!, ate lots of cheesesticks and pizza, drank a lot of vodka and cranapple juice... kayley and i occupied the littler couch for most of the night and were incredibly hyper and silly and wore top hats and alligator hats and quoted how i met your mother more times than i can count.

i know i say it often but i love living in this house. i've never felt so accepted anywhere in my entire time in college. and i was just thinking again last night (of course) what am i going to do if i have to live with people i don't know? nothing can compare to this. nothing can compare to these ties we've created and how strong they are, in such a short time.


i say this is fear of being reprimanded. i've been emailing eric, every few days, since he left that birthday card on my car. and in his latest reply, he told me, "i would be cliche and ask you if you wanted to catch up with a cup of coffee but i know you don't like coffee." this A) is a way to ask me without actually asking me and B) leaves the door open for me to respond or not.

and i think i will.

don't hate me. it doesn't mean anything, i just want to see how he is.


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