i should've given you a reason to stay
2012-03-05 | 2:37 p.m.

i just get a little sad sometimes, this little pit in my stomach, because the honest truth of the matter is that no one wants me and that i recognize that. i fail to see how i am really never enough.

i honestly expected that when i broke up with eric, i'd find someone pretty quickly who was nice to me, who made me laugh, who actually liked me. it still hasn't happened yet and i guess i didn't expect it.

granted, i label myself as a relatively independent girl, so this "need to be needed" drives me up the goddamn wall. i know it's not necessary and that i've got plenty of good in my life without it. but damn, i don't know. i must just be lonely.


chicago was fun, it was. it snowed on us and i was inadequately dressed--that wind will get you, it'll chill you right to the bone, that's for sure.

i thought it would be good for my future to go to this conference but it turns out i'm in a more confused state now than i was before.


someone come save me. (pathetic after all of this time i always thought i'd save myself, but i'm a bit incompetent with that, too.)

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