i'm wearing a pretty dress today.
2012-03-07 | 4:41 p.m.

i appreciate any kind words anyone ever says to me. no, really. i do.

matthew sat on my bed with me today and discussed The Future. i'm getting bored with the subject even though it's gotten me so stressed i'm practically sick. but he likes to talk me through it. he makes me talk to a human being.


so, a little background: for my thesis, i am doing a creative work. currently i have three short stories (i am going to attempt to have a fourth, as well). all of these stories center around a family: pearl (mother), elliot and margot (brother and sister).

i talked to my advisor (adviser?) today about them, and he told me, "your characters feel very real. you've got so many vectors happening at the same time that you can tell you've put a lot of thought into it. i think this can be, eventually, expanded into a novel, or something like it."

*explodes from happiness*


(this entire semester has been a series of extremely high highs and terribly low lows.)

(also, i've been accepted into UofL, but without a GTA.)

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