15 March 2012 rip JD.
2012-03-15 | 2:51 p.m.

all right. so. here we go.

this morning, a boy on my campus committed suicide by jumping out of the fine arts building.

at first, i didn't know him. the name wasn't familiar, so i just shook it off a bit as something really sad that i couldn't do anything about.

eventually, the pieces started to fall together that i knew this boy and even knew the reason (unofficially) that he did such a thing.

he was a boy who was in a class with me last semester, dating a girl who was in the same class.

in fact, i saw them together a few days ago still holding hands.

they broke up last night.

after recognizing this, i took it as even sadder: why would anyone kill themselves over a breakup? yes, it's sad, but you move on, right?

so i keep going along with my day until i get an email from work. one of my favorite workers, who had a shift this morning, was roommates with the boy.


said worker told me this morning that he was possibly expecting a phone call from his roommate, he hoped he wouldn't get one, but he was in a lot of trouble. i asked why.

said boy had been arrested for stealing percocet from his aunt, who is a professor at the university. because of this, it was very likely that he would not be able to become a doctor, which was the track he was on.


boy tried to steal prescription drugs, got arrested, his girlfriend broke up with him over it, and he committed suicide because his whole plan for life had gone awry.



i'm actually really sad. i want to cry but i feel as though i don't have the right -- i wasn't close to him, didn't even know his name though i knew who he was. i don't know what to feel.

i know it may seem trite but to anyone with suicidal thoughts, do know that there are people who care for you and who want you to get help. do yourself a favor, too, and seek it out. you aren't alone.

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