and another for good measure
2012-03-20 | 1:27 a.m.

one day is terribly sad. i did not see that coming. also, how i met your mother is driving me insane. insane, i tell you.

...i get entirely too invested in fictional situations.

i'm just tired of a lot of things, i feel like i've always got too many things on my mind and i can't get them straight. i never can though, so it's nothing new.

matthew and erin will be going to school where i'm probably going so that's kind of nice a lot. i'll probably have roommates now.

i just want so many things... i don't ever know what i'm saying, do i?

i just want to lay around and forever listen to the beatles, death cab, the avett brothers, and mumford and sons. and talk. i talk so much...

i want to write the way i used to write in diaries. it was so much more interesting then. also, this is the third time i've edited this in three minutes because i keep thinking of more things to add. AKA i'm going crazy.

oh well.

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