the hunger games
2012-03-22 | 7:22 p.m.

so, i read the hunger games in its entirety today. i haven't gotten so wrapped up in a book in such a long time, it was a nice reprieve (and i'm almost a bit ashamed to say such a popular book, with not exactly fantastic writing, as she simply spells out every thought for you and doesn't trust the audience to pick up on it, was what pulled me in, is that bad?).

we're going to the midnight premiere tonight! and can i just say that the fact the two main actors (josh hutcherson and jennifer lawrence) are from kentucky makes me incredibly happy? because it does. i always feel this ridiculous sense of pride when someone from kentucky accomplishes something... (and they just seem so humble and adorable about it all, which makes it a million times better, i think, have you seen their interviews?)

and i suppose i need to say that i'm in love with peeta, as i so often fall in love with fictional characters anyway, because that gets me far, you know.


they took the horoscopes out of the penny saver. how am i going to know what to do with my life now? (har har.)

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