greenery and humid air
2012-03-29 | 12:34 p.m.

i apologize for my very woe-is-me entry, but i had to get it out somehow...


i've been thinking about traveling today. (i once had a very long conversation with my father about how to spell 'traveling' and 'canceling' and told him spelling them with two Ls was wrong. come to find out, both are acceptable.) i looked up uofl's study abroad programs. i want to go (if they've got graduate courses) either back to england or back to france but for an entire semester. a summer just didn't quench my thirst.

i really ache to go back. or to go somewhere new. i just need a change...

granted, louisville will be a change from a little town like this, but truth be told i've never liked louisville as a city. we'll see if that changes...


so i work with this boy named dakota. he is (was?) in the running for student manager next year. this boy is the one i'd pick out of everyone who applied, very honestly.

he called in sick yesterday and told me that his doctors had recently changed his anxiety medication and it wasn't working.

i would have never guessed in a million years that dakota took anxiety medicine. i guess that means it works. but, i just. was floored, i think.

anyhow, he missed his interview because of the doctor's appointment and now has put in academic leave. i'm very sad about it. i really am.


things tia learns when she doesn't go to class: how to do a diagonal dutch braid (that actually looks good). worth it.


it is funny the names i pick for these diaries. when i was really struggling with eric i had a diary called "reasontostay" because that's honestly what i was looking for.

when i couldn't find a reason, i came to "loveherwell" because i thought maybe he'd learn how.

he didn't.


i'm not sleeping well. i'm stressed. i'm tired.

get out of my system.

chin up. head high. keep moving. keep moving.

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