oh, man is a giddy thing.
2012-04-08 | 8:00 p.m.

interesting developments in my life:

my uncle became the principal of my high school. in all honesty, this makes it likely for me to get a job there, should i want it, should the cards play out right (for example: there are four open positions for an english teacher for next year, and should i apply, and not enough people with certification apply for those spots, i would be hired and put through emergency certification, and the fact that i speak french and could teach it helps my prospects).

however, this isn't necessarily likely, given that there isn't a shortage of english teachers around. but for those first twenty or so minutes of thinking about it, of being able to teach a class (!) i surprised myself by how willing i was to immediately change my plans and make money instead of go into debt.

the more i think about what i want to do with my life, the more confused i become. is this how it goes? is this just life, itself? i'm afraid that it is.

as long as i don't make myself crazy stressing out like i usually do, i'll be fine.

here are a few things i know i want to do:

1. teach a class, preferably a creative writing class but also a literature class.

2. learn to speak french fluently.

3. travel back to europe. live in england or france for at least six months. (this will hopefully be achieved in graduate school, but we'll see.) i'd love to be able to go to some other country at least once every two or three years.

4. learn a third language. (i'm actually currently enamored with american sign language.)

5. travel to major cities in the states. these mostly boil down to boston, nyc, seattle, portland, providence, charleston, atlanta, washington dc, honolulu, juneau, and back to chicago.

6. i'd like to get get something published, one day.

7. i'd mostly like to become a productive person and to figure out what works best for me in my life in general. i'm sure this will take me my entire life.

we'll just have to see how to future plays out. i've been trying to pace myself... with basically every facet of my life.

seems to be working.

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