neal and why i think i'm funny
2012-04-11 | 9:04 p.m.

so, i have a plan. remember blind date boy? no? that's because we didn't go on a blind date. well, his name is neal.

today, i worked six extra hours as a cashier. when neal came in to eat, he saw me, and (evidently) deliberately went to the other cash register! obviously he is adorable and embarrassed and i find this beyond cute. also, i'm weird.

my plan is to find this boy somehow alone and just confront him and start to talk to him and see what happens. i cannot tell you how excited i am to do this. i think it is hilarious. essentially i just want to see if he knows who i am (he does) and be really silly about it.

matthew says he is uncomfortable with dating in general, i think, which makes this all the funnier for me.

it's a good thing people like me (matthew says everyone loves me)/finds me lovable and not creepy because boy(!) am i weird!


i'm going to be home alone for this entire weekend. it will be nice and productive, i think i'll get a lot done. but it's going to be so sad to be in this house without anyone to talk to and no one to lay in my bed.

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