these are words that go together well
2012-04-14 | 8:17 p.m.

so this is what happens when you're home alone all day and haven't actually said a word. you write three useless entries on diaryland.

i read book 4 of gulliver's travels and it just made me so, so sad.

i am aching to listen to revolver. you know, that's the album that got me into the beatles. that's the first one ryan seth had me listen to. i miss it.

this song, in particular, means a lot to me:

i just get this feeling sometimes that it's not fair, you know? (doesn't everyone?) i'm a really good girl, or at least i try to be. i ought to be happy, and i can't figure out why i'm not.

the day breaks, your mind aches.

i gave eric a ride to a toyota dealership yesterday, he out of the blue texted me and i swear my heart nearly stopped when his number popped up. instantly recognized. this sense of dread, of what do you want? flooding over me. just a ride. five simple minutes.

i just always want someone to talk to.

i've got more homework to do.

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