ryan. i know far too many ryans.
2012-04-17 | 7:23 p.m.

it's funny i guess how i assume people are never interested in me romantically. i had to go around asking my roommates about whether or not the boy from the last entry had actually asked me out, and upon discussion, several other points came up that made it "clear" to them that he does definitely like me.

...cute. and now i don't know what to do with that information!

i have discussions with matthew about dating a lot. this mainly consists of why i'm not good at it. he was explaining to me why dinner and a movie is a good date, and i told him that this is what i wanted: to go eat somewhere, and then go back to someone's house and watch a movie, because then you can talk to said person. and matthew said, no no no! you can't go back to their house because that gives the wrong impression! which is something i (of course) had not thought of... le sigh.

i have a scholarly presentation of my paper tomorrow, defense of my thesis on friday, my fiction reading on friday night. i'm working extra hours saturday for summer orientation. i've got three papers i need to be working on right now. i wanted kayley to get drunk with me saturday night (once this hellish week is over) but she's probably hanging out with the boy she made out with on her field trip last weekend! (good for her, though, really.)

all i wanna do is sleep.

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