where were you..
06.05.12 | 3:01 pm

in my car's cd player right now is a cd blake gave to me when i was sixteen, right before he went to college. i wish people had never upgraded to ipods or mp3 players in general--i so badly miss getting a cd, full of songs that someone thought i would appreciate or that reminded them of me. listening to those old cds in my car always brings me back to how i felt at the time i received them or made them myself. now they're so old they're skipping and i want to cry when this song comes on and i can't sing along because of it.


ryan skaggs texted me at ten o'clock last night asking me what my plans were for the night, and i didn't respond until i was in bed two hours later. guess what he wanted... (actually i had to text jordan grant with what he told me to decide whether or not that WAS what he wanted. i am no good at these matters on my own, but my suspicions were confirmed.)

fuck him. i want him to leave me alone. he clearly has no idea at all about who i am.

i'm a damn fantastic person (sometimes) so just don't bother me anymore.


evidently when i have a lot of things to do, my response is to watch an entire season of how i met your mother. for the record, season two will forever be my favorite and marshall eriksen will forever be my favorite character.

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