will you remember me? because i know i won't forget you
12.05.12 | 12:39 pm

i'm a graduate. summa cum laude.

most of my stuff has been moved out and is making its way home, thanks to my brothers.

i'm ready to drink and cry my eyes out.

home alone right now, too, no one to eat lunch with.

i remember when i moved into this house. i bought a desk and a bookshelf, brought them home and was planning on putting them together myself, though i'm terrible at those kinds of things.

kayley and cat and matt and erin immediately got down to help me. immediately. i didn't even have to ask.

i've been such an amazingly lucky girl in the past year. i can't say much more truth than that.

i have made the best friends in the world this year. the best roommates. these people who have cared for me through some of my hardest and happiest times.

i can't express how much i love them. i honestly can't.

wow. a college graduate. where have the past four years gone? (besides three of them being gone down the drain?) funny how i always want to push through things and make it to a certain point. when i get there, i'm so surprised.

these next couple of years (like all those past) will be a learning experience. that's all anything is.

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