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14.05.12 | 11:01 am

i'm home.

i went from this:

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to this:

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eight inches gone. i think i like it.

i came home expecting to work and i've got the next three days off (the most important thing here is i get to watch the season finale of himym on the actual tv tonight).

saw ryan seth's new house, he told me he loved me. we haven't talked in a while. not really. but he's still my brother. that's what matters, right? he invited me back, whenever i wanted. his hair's pretty long and curly and still as red as ever.

i'm not applying for the job anymore because twelve people with certification applied. it makes my life easier. grad school, a new city, living with my friends again it is!

being a graduate doesn't feel any different. just watching franklin with my niece who can say words and talk and stuff now. such a doll. and lane is due in august.

i've got plans, you know? let's hop a plane and go back to england...

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