how does sex remind anyone of eating spaghetti?
18.05.12 | 9:29 am

this urge to pack up and go somewhere hasn't stopped. hasn't lightened up at all.

i'm thinking of planning a trip to some US city over christmas break, if my funds allow. and i'm still hoping to study abroad in the fall of 2013 again.

i just want to see everywhere and it's never gonna happen if i only sit here and think about it.

i'm planning a reunion with my london friends. we'll see how it goes.


baby brother bret's best friend ethan might as well be my brother, too. i seriously love him to death. he was in the concession stand with me last night and he'll just tell me about anything. and when he said that his new girlfriend, lake, reminded him of me and that's what made her so awesome, my poor little heart just melted then and there.


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