please be kind if i'm a mess
20.05.12 | 7:17 pm

last night was fun. i took shots, kind of. baby shots. and i don't have "clubbing" clothes. but i have really good friends who know how to have a really good time even if the whole night i'm telling the only sober one, "please don't let me die."

i've got this sparkly nail polish that this gay guy i met last night put on for me on top of my chipped purple polish and boy, is it beautiful. and sue ellen's mashed potatoes were the best thing i'd ever eaten in my life.


i was going through my closet and i found these old cds circa 2007 and i've just been really listening to them and remembering how i felt when i loved all those songs.

and boy, am i ever a mess. always.


i've been thinking a lot about "success" and my definition lately. for instance, i've graduated college, does that make me successful? will i feel successful after getting my masters? if i go overseas again? when i have a "real" job? or is it better to feel successful if i'm at peace and happy with my place in the world? i'm not sure. i'm never sure.

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