optimistic words.
22.05.12 | 11:03 pm

look at where the past year has gotten you, tia:

you went to london and lived there for a month, you moved into a house with people who became your best friends, you worked more hours than you thought you could taking harder classes just because you wanted to, you graduated, you got into grad school and you're moving to a new city.

you've experienced dating (though all of those combined experiences have sucked) which was new and necessary, you got over heartbreak, but most of all you recognized that you were worth being treated well. you recognized that you deserve better.

you have not lost the idea that there is good in people and that there are good people everywhere. you still believe strongly in love (though you may be more realistic about it). you've grown to be less naive but you're still willing to trust (and yes, that's a good thing).

you haven't let this past year break you.

live it up, tia. you've got an amazing life and even better times ahead of you. keep your head up and keep moving forward.

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