dream about my dad
28.05.12 | 7:21 am

I just woke up from a terrible dream in which my dad and I were on a plane and we were about to take a nap but for some odd reason I made him call everyone in the family first because he kind of actually does that. Then we went to sleep EXCEPT HE DIED.

And so I went home obviously and I was calling everyone and I was with all of my brothers and my mom and I was so incredibly upset and Kayley was there trying to comfort me and all. Of a sudden I stopped my crying and remembered: oh my god, everyone had gotten to TALK to him before he died, and before we went to sleep I told him I love him.

It just helped and it's weird because we do that kind of stuff in real life and I'm really freaked out right now and sort of comforted by that.

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