possible jobs and stuff... i can't do this. ugh.
29.05.12 | 5:19 pm

here's my current problem:

i originally went to school to be a high school teacher. after my first year, i switched to creative writing (without a teaching certificate) with the intention of going to grad school in order to teach creative writing at the college level.

now, i'm sure you know what's coming: these jobs are scarce. they are. i'm aware.

does that mean i should just not go to grad school and go $20,000 in debt for a degree that may not get me anywhere? or should i continue to do it because it's something i love, and i'm a "scholar" at heart?

or should i pursue my newest idea: publishing?

though to be fair, i'd have to move for jobs in publishing, lest i got an internship or job at sarabande books (likely?...). i mean, the most popular city for the business is new york, isn't it?

...and i'd die in new york.

or should i do what my parents want, which is to get a high school teaching certificate and just get a job at a high school?

i've always wanted to teach, i think... but is it really what i want to do now?

becca summed it up with: "torn between wanting to stay and wanting to go and worried it will be the wrong decision either way."

i'm torn and it's eating me up inside. i'm too scared to do anything. i'm stuck.

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