what? i never say baby. what is that. srsly.
22.06.12 | 12:02 am

can i just take a moment and say how much i ridiculously love my life? i've gotta be the luckiest girl in the world, you know, if luck existed and i didn't actually work hard for it.

i heard the best time travel joke tomorrow. (hahahahahah dying of the hilarity.)

but seriously though. how did i get such amazing friends? such amazing family? how did that happen? i'm the most ridiculous person i know.

and i've got people who somehow, for some odd reason, bend over backwards for me, to see me happy.

once, matthew told me this: "it's because you get so incredibly, ridiculously excited about everything, that's why people do things for you. it's so easy to make you happy."

cue smiles, baby.

OH ALSO. please please please i want emma stone and andrew garfield to get married and live happily ever after so bad it is ridiculous, i want them to have beautiful hilarious babies. i am such a weird person. like, honestly. evidence.

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