everyone can do better than me.
26.06.12 | 10:34 pm

i had the oddest, sweetest dream last night, with this boy i don't know but do planning to meet me, because we were only an hour within each other. how terribly strange, how happy i felt when i awoke.


my life is so full but my heart feels so empty.

i saw this boy i used to love today. i never knew it then--i remember entertaining the notion, maybe i love him, maybe but then discarding the thought. but i loved him so innocently i didn't recognize what it was. all i knew was that i wanted him to be happy more than almost anything.

rereading old diaries only makes it more clear.

now he'll clean the dvds i'm renting for free without a word even though i know it costs money.

funny how the world works, i guess.


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