ryan seth
30.06.12 | 4:47 pm

when i was sixteen, ryan seth got into a car accident. he took a turn too fast and wrapped his car around a tree. this, being my first real experience with the possibility of a family death, caused me to not know what to do, except get angry when my parents wouldn't let us (the other siblings) go to the hospital at first and when i found casey smoking cigarettes as we waited.

when we were finally all carpooled to the hospital, i cried in the waiting room until it was mine and travis' turns to see him. he lied in his bed, wires all over his body, weak but smiling when we came in.

understandably, i was ecstatic that he was okay.
the doctors told us he should have died.

i didn't find out until today that the reason he got in the wreck was because he'd gotten in a fight with his girlfriend and taken approximately ten valium. the reason he didn't die was because he was so fucked up, so "relaxed" that his body didn't tense up during the wreck.

that was six years ago.

all i want to say is that i fail to understand how he can keep doing this to us, wrecking car after car (literally he's wrecked nearly twenty vehicles), and he doesn't think that something should change.

i'm just sad, that's all.

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