deciding is the death of me. :/
16.07.12 | 7:56 pm

what is more important... my happiness and sanity or a better wage?

panera offered me $8.50 an hour, barnes and noble is calling to offer me a job, macy's told me they'd be offering me a job, and old navy wants me to come in and shadow for the shipment team on friday.

...and my teaching interview is thursday.

i'll know by fate by 4:30pm friday.


i often sit and think that no one is interested in me romantically. but on the contrary: usually it's the fact that they're either annoying (brian), boring (michael), or i suspect they only want to fuck me (anil).

anil got in touch with me and wants to meet up, but i just don't feel good about it.


there are pros and cons to everything and that is my downfall. i am paralyzed by indecision. i don't know what to do and i don't want to hurt anyone in the process.

my heart hurts because i can't figure out what's most important to me.

and i want someone to lean on.

i really do.

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