i want a nap. or a run?
31.07.12 | 3:27 pm

i am entirely too hard on myself, at least i can recognize this. that voice in my head that tells me i'm not good enough, that after a couple of days of working in a new restaurant, i ought to know everything--i understand that it's not true, but it still gnaws at me.

i am entering a new self-defeating chapter of my life entitled "tia hates everything, especially her job, because she is a failure."

also, i look stupid in polos tucked into khakis.


when i am sad and feeling down on myself, that is when i become most obsessive. driving home from work, all i could think about was watching community (i'm on season three again) and intermittently crying about my life when applicable. i've been doing that since i got to louisville.

i can always move back home, they say. but no matter what there's a giant neon sign above my head screaming "failure."

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