yeah yeah
08.08.12 | 9:19 am

lately, my thoughts are just this constant stream of missing things. i miss walking down the mall in murray, i miss getting on the tube in london (no but seriously--i love public transportation), i miss my old job (wtf?) where i had good friends i looked forward to seeing, i miss that sense of community, i miss walking down the beach in france...

i'm in a very, very strange place.

i know in my heart of hearts that things need to move forward and that i'll always be going through these sorts of changes and, in fact, i ought to look forward to them.

but it's hard. that's all it comes down to.

so, here are things i'm looking forward to:

1. finally being comfortable in my new job (or finding a newer, better job, because i'm still applying to places).
2. getting my master's in education.
3. becoming a teacher.
4. eventually going back overseas. i miss it like crazy.
5. finally finishing veronika decides to die.
6. writing another story.


on a side note, the chik-fil-a thing is getting old. i'm all for gay marriage and everything, it's just that on the other side, they all come together for this "chik-fil-a appreciation day" which means coming together essentially to prevent other people from having equal rights instead of, like, some international "go volunteer at a homeless shelter" or "feed starving people" day. isn't that what religious people are supposed to be all about, or something? christ.

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