22.08.12 | 6:36 pm

please, do yourself a favor and watch moonrise kingdom. it is so, so, so good. within the two hours we were in the theater, well, i haven't felt so happy and fulfilled in a while. isn't that sad?

new mission: watch every wes anderson film.

we're watching the hebrew hammer right now.

i'm really tired. my eyes are trying to close and it's not even seven.

i want someone to go with my to the village 8 $2 tuesday movies and to try new restaurants with me and to take me to bars.

i've got a date tomorrow, whatever

it doesn't matter, not really. he calls me honey and sweety and i don't like it. too personal too quickly.

i feel like i only ever want to sleep.

life is exhausting
it's always going to be exhausting though

just do yourself that favor and see moonrise kingdom. no one ever loves these kinds of movies like i do.

that;s disheartening, you know

when you love something so so much and you only want everyone else to love it too

and they don't

this is all just rambling and rambling and whining

i cry about four mornings out of seven

i don't deserve such perfect parents who are willing to pay my rent until next semester if i come home now

dad said, "you're too young to do stuff you hate, you have your whole life to do that"

i just

that's it isnt it

it's always "i just..."

nothing is ever enough for me

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