my heart lies in murray.
23.09.12 | 4:18 pm

1. the first thing you said to me was, "hey, aren't you supposed to be in grad school?" in that playful tone you always used, and what i said to you was, "how in the world did you get taller?" you sat by me and talked to me and stared at me with your blue, blue eyes.

you still make me smile quicker than anyone in that office.

2. everyone walked up to me, smiling, hugging me, touching my hair, amazed to see me and how happy i am.

3. we ate at my favorite restaurant and i relished every. single. bite.

4. two of my best friends and i stayed up late in the night, discussing people we know but whom i haven't seen in months. there was lots of giggling, which ended with me sleeping on the floor.

5. kyra and i walked around the arboreum, the wind cool but the sun warm. the air smelled fresh as we talked and i remembered what i love so much about this place: it makes me feel like i can do what i love, really do it. sitting in the quad in front of the library, all i wanted to do was read and write and discuss with my friends for the rest of my life.

6. we all sat in a circle, passing around lube and dildos and lotion, with penis nametags and suckers. these are things i'd never do on my own, but i laughed alongside everyone else and giggled my way through it. the winery was beautiful, especially for paris. the semi-sweets were perfect and made my head fuzzy in the best way. kari gets married next sunday, and i can't wait to watch her walk down the aisle.

7. i slept on an acquaintance's couch. i'm often surprised by the kindess of the entire city, the "friendliest town in america."


in summation: murray is one of my most favorite places in the world. it is there that i feel most myself. if i regret anything, it's that i moved away thinking that was what was necessary for me to grow.

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