kari's wedding.
30.09.12 | 10:11 pm

today i stood beside one of my best friends who was beautiful in her huge, princessy white dress. i nearly cried as she walked down the aisle, the way she and her new husband looked at each other.

sometimes there are things in life that just make you slow down and relax, to appreciate things, and to remind you that love is real.


dacia and john said to me, "we let one guy here know that if he hit on you with community references, you'd love him, so... be ready for that."

and that's what he did. i'd met him last year, at kari's 21st, when we were both drunk and for some reason he tried to lick my face.

tonight he taught me how to slow dance, wanted to ask me out, but when he found out i don't live in mky, he told me, "if you're ever around, look me up."

he was cute and nice and it felt so wonderful to have someone's hand on my back and holding one of mine.

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