random thoughts and what have you
01.11.12 | 2:53 pm

one moment i'm telling myself: yes, go to the party, have a good time, and the next i'm saying: no, don't, you'll be embarrassing and weird and you'll hate it.

matt a. invited me. i can't. i don't do things very well. i don't. understand things. i don't know. i'm bad at this. all of this. oh i'm just bad.

(all i want is a stable relationship with someone who will watch movies with me and read books beside me and is nice and isn't motherfucking long distance because every single relationship i've had at least started out as long distance and look at where i've ended up.)

i've an interview today at the video store. it will probably only pay minimum wage, but it's something to do, i guess.

doctor who is what i've been obsessed with lately.

watch safety not guaranteed.

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