thoughts fallin' outta my head
27.11.12 | 12:36 am

so i'm at the very end of the fourth season of doctor who and earlier i cried my eyes out and i'm trying to figure out how to ask a boy i don't know very well out on a date while another boy i talked to tonight would've rather me continue our conversation than have me go to sleep and i'm reevaluating my direction in life again which is typically a bad thing but i don't know, this time it doesn't feel quite so apocalyptic, maybe that means i'm growing up but more than likely it doesn't and for some reason tonight i've been hit with the realization that my puppy is perfect and i really miss living with kayley and matt and erin and life keeps moving forward no matter what we do so why keep on complaining when i can try and be happy with what i've got, yeah?

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