i'm a lot like you, so please.
14.12.12 | 2:35 pm

i. what i ingested yesterday: bowl of cereal, bottle of wine, two pieces of bread, three bites of pasta.

ii. when i arrived at my old house, one of the first things matthew said to me is that he thinks reece and i would be good for each other.

iii. if there is anyone too good for me in this world, without a doubt it is reece.

iv. due to what i had ingested all day, near the end of the night my head and stomach ached. i stood up, ready to sleep on the futon mattress upstairs. reece stopped me, sat on the stairs so that i couldn't pass him, and instead of going to sleep, a nearly one hour conversation with him ensued.

v. we moved to the kitchen and sat at the table alone and talked about our lives and what we want to do, and he told me how he knows more about me/likes me more than the others who have been along longer.

vi. i told him that he's one of the happiest people i know, that everyone loves him, and that he's going to be an amazing teacher.

vii. i drove him home today, as his brother and his brother's girlfriend went home the night before.

iix. if there is anyone too good for me in this world, it is him.

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