is it bitter or sweet? all depends on your timing.
14.02.13 | 1:33 pm

you're talking to me at six thirty in the morning and i'm rolling around in my bed telling you how warm and cozy it is and how i never want to leave. really all i want is you in there with me.


i'm practical enough to tell myself: let this go, tia. it's not going to happen.

it's not your fault, either. it's the distance. it's the timing.

it's always the timing.


i knew that this would happen and i tried to stop it early. when we first began talking, i'd pick out every little thing you said that rubbed me the wrong way and made a note of it.

not that it mattered. you continued to talk to me. it went from us waiting for thirty minutes to even begin a conversation to an immediate "heya" to talking multiple times a day.

we talk about seeing each other but will it ever actually happen?

it makes my poor little heart hurt.

it's my fault i let myself get so wrapped up in someone so far away. when in the beginning i would say, "oh, he's not that great, but he's entertaining to talk to," and it progressed to, "oh, well he's fun to talk to and he listens to me and reads books i recommend," to "oh. oh. i like him."

and i do.

now what?


you're the one who pursued me (it is, for some reason, always this way). you danced with me at the wedding, you added me on facebook, you started talking to me every night.

don't just drop me.

please, please.


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