all ya need is love, do da do do do
28.03.13 | 10:09 am

the world does not work the way i want it to and i'm not past the point where that makes me angry.

i haven't been sleeping well, but in my head i suppose it is understandable.

there are so many things i want to do but i never want to do them alone, and therein lies my problem.

everything seems very futile lately.

all i wanted was for people to ask me if i was okay. that sense of someone caring enough to try to take care of me for a few minutes.

i'm overdramatic because i understand that people care about me but in ways that are different from what i want them to be.

at least i know it?

i am so tired i could pass out right on this floor.

i mean i just think the conclusion here is that i'm bad at life but i'm working to get better at it and that's what matters.

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