"i want to come, goober!"
21.04.13 | 9:01 pm

i spent two days worrying without a word from you and then you drunk text me saying: "i want to come see you tomorrow."

you didn't come.

you didn't come today, either, like you said you would.

i'm so tired of not being someone's priority. of not being important enough to visit.

you said, "i promise i'm coming soon!" but soon you'll be in colorado and then what?

the entire time i've known you i've gone back and forth like crazy. i know that some piece of me truly does love you, but i can't handle this anymore. even if i think there's a glimmer of you feeling the same way, it's not really worth it.

it's just as it always is: i think i have something, but i don't.

i can't keep doing this to myself.

it's bad enough to do this to anyone. but why would you do it to me? when i become ridiculously overexcited about everything? when i believe what people tell me? why?

didn't you know what that would do to me?

i'm alone. i'm still just alone.

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