you're perfect.
26.04.13 | 12:45 pm

you came to see me finally and you're just perfect and the most beautiful thing i've seen and if i could stay up forever talking to you, i would.

you're leaving this weekend and going to colorado. part of me is excited for you but the other part wants to keep you forever.

i know that's not possible. it is time, finally, to let myself stop, regroup, move on. move on.

you're my favorite person and my best friend and it hurts, it hurts but that's okay.

i'm going to be fine. and you're going to be great and even more perfect.

i still can't believe the things i get myself into. imagine, when this started i came up with every reason not to like you, but couldn't stop talking to you regardless.

you say you'll miss me and i can feel that ache already.

but it will heal.

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