talk me to sleep
01.05.13 | 12:43 am

you're leaving in the morning and it all suddenly feels very real, and you're telling me you're drinking bourbon and playing video games and i just want to tell you to get some rest, get some sleep, you have such a long day ahead to drive sixteen hours by yourself with your alcoholic father going through withdrawals in the passenger's seat, because i just want to take care of you.

have i ever been more pathetic than i am now?

i can't sleep (stress of my first finals week of grad school, what have you), but talking to you soothes me more than anything else. i want to tell you how i've felt tonight, one of those nights where i'm consumed with failure and only want to cry, but you have bigger problems, you have better things coming to you and i've no reason to bring you down.

you're my favorite, i just wish i could be yours, too.

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