i am addicted to candy crush though, that's a downfall
01.06.13 | 11:57 pm

i give myself whiplash being so back and forth.

i don't know why, but i feel very at peace right now. i am a good person and i think that eventually, someday, i will receive something good for that.

i want this summer to be more than working and sitting on the couch rewatching (admittedly amazing) tv shows, more than drinking wine by myself and feeling awful about it, more than concentrating on the faults and more about enjoying what i have.

i have a lot to offer, actually.

i am nice yeah, but i also feel things very deeply and i'm supportive and open to people and i want to listen to what people have to say and i have a corny sense of humor but i'll also laugh at almost every joke you tell me and i love showing my admiration for people and expressing that and making sure they know how wonderfully i see them.

i don't need anyone else to fulfill me. hell, i am getting my masters and when i graduate i may go off and teach english in another country but i will certainly not be staying here--i may not go far but i will go somewhere different and experience different things and people and do what i want to do because i am in charge of my own life and am waiting for no one.

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