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03.06.13 | 11:16 pm

i take that back sort of because you're busy and have a life now or whatever

but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me feel so small

it just reminds me of the notion that no one could ever possibly actually want me

but that is not true, so here are a few things i like about myself to curb that thinking

i have nice long eyelashes
i have freckles on my shoulders
i always try to hold the door open for other people
i attempt to stay one step ahead and do nice things for other people
i have a dog who loves me more than i ever thought possible
I try to compliment people
i have actually been attempting to force myself into feeling better (through actually exercising and actually thinking positive thoughts)
i like the silhouette of my body when i am wearing what i wear to sleep
i am able to live a comfortable life without worrying about money
i have family willing to help me with almost anything
i will be seeing many of my long distance friends soon
my glasses are awesome
i like my hands and wrists
i love that i am pretty decent at trivia games and word games
i am always up for meeting new people and having new friends

okay i am going to stop now, i think that's enough for tonight

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