there were times when i was so lonesome...
09.06.13 | 11:02 am

my hair is slowly but surely growing.

i'm not going to answer eric's message.

i am in a bad place today. recognizing that is the first step. now i take steps to change it.

no one in my life should have so much hold on me that a message from them would weigh on me this heavily.

sometimes people aren't there for you like you expect them to be.

i thought about taking myself to the movies today. but the thing i like about the movies is sharing the experience with someone else and talking about it afterward.

my computer is dead and the charger port is messed up so it won't charge and i have to send it off today. just to get an estimate of what it would cost to fix it.

all i have on there that i would miss are stupid little fragments of stories. things that were never going to go anywhere.

i feel lost right now.

i am very unaware of myself. and tired. i just want to lie in my bed and stay there. that's what i did yesterday until it was time for work.

i know it does not do anyone any good to dwell on negative thoughts. i've been better lately.

maybe you were right and i really am never satisfied.

he is the only person who has ever loved me.

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