12.06.13 | 11:51 pm

i have a new computer and holy wow, is it beautiful and perfect and confusing and wonderful.

i worked the infants section at work tonight and for some reason everything kept looking so, so cute and i kept thinking about my nephew and nieces and how cute they are and oh wow, i have never had that happen to me before.

there is this boy i think is adorable at work and he was nice to me and talked to me and he has glasses and a beard and i would like to be his friend please and thanks.

oh wow i just really love my computer, even though it has windows 8, which i find rather confusing and ugly and annoying. especially since skype is an app and not on my desktop. oh well.

for the past few days when we go to sleep, emma tries to sleep right on top of me. i think she misses me (since i have actually been gone). it's cute.

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